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vabble is a digital platform delivering an efficient, reliable, and cost effective solution to exporters in Latin America.


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Upload your qualifying invoices and receive cash within 24-48 hrs

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Sign up and create your exporter company profile

The process is easy and fast. We review your company information focusing on KYC, KYB, and your unique requirements.

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step 2

Upload the invoices in a few clicks

Our platform verifies the information provided and requests additional information if necessary. vabble evaluates each invoice individually. Terms are established beforehand.

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step 3

Cash in your account in 24/48 hrs

Qualified receivables are assigned and converted to cash. vabble manages the collection for your benefit and that of your buyers.

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An experienced team to assist you.

Step by step in platform support by local and international experts in the context of high-level security.

Unlike banks loans

NO country limits

NO limit restrictions

NO guarantees

NO monthly interest charges, just a flat percentage of the invoice

NO collateral

NO credit line

NO risk of damaging the firm’s credit rating

NO renewals

NO trips to the bank

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