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Exporting goods?

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  • vabble is a digital platform delivering an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to exporters in Latin America

  • Immediate access to liquidity by converting your invoices to cash

  • A transparent and predictable source of funding

  • vabble aims to be the most competitive source of capital

  • No monthly interest charges, just a flat percentage of the invoice

  • No requirement for any personal guarantees or deposits

  • An experienced team in financing to assist you

  • Improve your company’s processes and balance sheet

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Our advantages

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vabble can enable your company to:

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Free up the capital for larger projects

Focus on acquiring new customers

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Deal with much less paper work, reducing administrative time

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Access funds only when needed, in 48 hrs with credit of proceeds into your banking account, once the initial due diligence is done

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Access to working capital regardless of macroeconomic or geopolitical issues in your country

vabble evaluates every individual invoice

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